GPS and Fleet Tracking

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RNutech Fleet provides leading edge vehicle and driver tracking solutions to fleet-based businesses across North America.

Our GPS and Fleet management services  collaborate with local software developers to integrate better management in your systems. GoFleet & Zenduit, in partnership with Nutech Fleet are the largest re-seller of Geotab, the world’s largest GPS platform. The team at Nutech Fleet provides expert customization and exceptional support.

We are focused on helping customers improve driver safety, vehicle maintenance, policy compliance, and group productivity.

GPS vehicle fleet tracking that’s easy to use, making it easy to save.

Here are some features!

Our software is real-time, meaning even if your vehicle is parked indoors, or underground, the technology will start tracking as soon as the vehicle moves. Our active tracking is second-by-second to provide the most accurate data. You’ll know when ignition is turned on, trip distance and time, as well as engine idling and speed.

30% of fuel costs and a whopping 90% of crashes are dependent on bad driver behaviour. Our fleet tracking provides you with reporting and  in-vehicle audible alerts to minimize poor driving habits and increase safety for everyone on the road.

Identiry and reduce excessive fuel usage through our detailed reports. Manage and plan routes, oversee speed, fuel cards, and vehicle maintenance to better minimize costs.

Run your entire maintenance operation more effectively and efficiently all inside our easy to use software. Streamline tasks like work order management, preventative maintenance scheduling, inventory, purchasing, cost accounting tools, and more.

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