2 hour power session

What is power hour?

Together, we take your organization to the next level.

Our power hour sessions will help with that. It is a focused, one-on-one meeting with our founder. We will discuss your concerns, locate your problem areas, and leave you with motivation, answers, and tangible next steps to address your business issues.

Our team is as passionate as you are about seeing your business excel. We want to help and educate you with our knowledge and decades of experience in a multitude of solutions. Working with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses just like yours, we help you avoid costly mistakes and increase overall performance. In two concentrared and thorough hours, you will leave empowered.

We will improve your business. And that’s a promise.

What topics can be covered?

  • Working from home, remote team solutions
  • Staff to customer and staff to staff communication issues
  • Website usability and visibility
  • How to be seen and remembered by potential customers
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Customized and branded design solutions
  • Marketing and social media trends
  • Finding your target audience/demographic/niche
  • How to effectively use social media for business
  • Staff productivity/efficiency
  • App and software ideas
  • Hardware and software issues
  • and more!

Ready to get started?

Person making a business decision