Long story short: Every company needs to establish their own social media strategy to be competitive in 2022, no matter what industry you belong in. Creating an online presence gets you seen. And if you do it right, you will be seen by the people who need you. Generate new leads, increase traffic, and ultimately— increase profit. (If that’s what you’re after)  While the task itself isn’t easy, social media is widely known, as is the reality of today. But many people are still clueless about how to navigate this transforming landscape, and even less know how to use it to their advantage, much so that they do not realize that they are already in need of help.  If this sounds similar to your situation, you may need to take note of the following red flags that indicate that you need help with your social media strategy. 

Not enough Engagement

Engagement is the interactions people have with your content. For example: likes, views, clicks, etc. Let’s say you are targeting a specific audience, but all you get is a handful of likes and comments. To make things worse, your profiles don’t get any clicks at all. Suppose you are posting often but your team are the only one commenting, and the posts are not enticing enough to make people interact with them. In that case, it may be time to rethink your social media campaigns or seek help with your strategy. 

Stick to your niche

For example, you realize that you are a medical practitioner and that your target audience is the people from your area, but you keep posting memes and pictures of sunsets on your Facebook and Instagram pages. Every business fall under a niche, with a specific audience that is more inclined to need your services/products, etc. You need to focus on sharing posts that are already getting engagement. So, take a look at your previous content and see which did better than others, apply those practices to your future posts. Also, you should know that if you are paying for ads, you will be wasting money if you are creating content that is not connected to your niche. 

Lacking in traffic

Let’s stick with our previous example of medical practitioner. When you have spare time, you like to write blogs giving your readers information about medical matters. You even write about the latest news in the health industry. After posting an article, you expect a lot of page views and a positive number of comments and likes; however, you get nothing. No one is visiting your blog, and no one is commenting on your articles. If this is the case, you need to start specifically focusing on generating traffic through the use of SEO and marketing on other platforms, for example. 

Running out of ideas

You may be posting regularly, with content that your audience interacts with, and with topics that relate to your business. But as time goes on, you find that you don’t know what to post next. You feel like you’ve run out of things to say and you’re thinking about duplicating content or copying from other sources. Don’t! It might be time to consider hiring experts. They will be able to tell you exactly what’s wrong with your social media strategy and give you tips that you can use on your own. 


You know that your social media accounts are not generating traffic to your website when you are not seeing growth. It’s one thing to see small, consistent changes, but to see your engagement stagnate is a cause for concern. You do not want your social media efforts to go unnoticed. If this is the case, you need help developing a customized social media strategy that is fresh, appropriate, and appealing to your target demographic.    In 2022, it is not good enough to keep your social media strategy to yourself—or your inexperienced staff. It’s a landscape that is relatively new and constantly evolving, especially with the rise of more and more different platforms. Even if you don’t like it, social media is the most effective marketing tool for any type of business. If you find yourself relating to any of the points mentioned in this article, then it may be time for you to consider hiring a reliable social media company to help you develop a personalized social media strategy, tailored to your specific needs and goals.  Once you have hired a reliable social media company, they will be able to analyze your social media accounts and share with you their findings and what they can do to improve your performance. Our team of digital marketing experts at Nutech Digital are professionals in social media. We know how to make audiences connect and click.