Network & cyber security

Are you confident that your organization is secure?

With today’s rapidly-changing cyber attack activities, most struggle to defend themselves against these crimes. The reality is, it’s not a matter IF you’ll be attacked, but WHEN.

Traditional anti-virus is important, but no longer enough to keep up. We utilize advanced cybersecurity tactics that ensure your organization and your team is well-prepared to keep malicious activity at bay.

What type of attacks can we protect you from?  Ransomware, malvertising, phishing, DDoS, SQL, and many more. These days, hackers and automated bots are all trying to gain access to your private customer and business information. When successful, these attackers can lock down your data, or worse, they hold your information for ransom.



Small businesses often think are too small to be targeted, but they would be mistaken. Cybercriminals see smaller organizations as “easier targets” since they usually don’t have the infastructure to prevent attacks. Don’t let your business be the next target. Network security is an absolute necessity.

You can face lost revenues due to downtime, blackmail, or large data breach/non-compliance fines. Not to mention you would have to explain stolen data to appropriately frustrated customers. A situation like this could ultimately cost you your business.

Don’t wait until the worst happens, equip your business with Nutech Digital’s cyber security approach today.

the Benefits

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Reduce and Manage Risk

We will set up a plan for you that explores all possible threats, the impacts on your business, and several courses of action to address and combat them.

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Routine Testing

Constant, scheduled consultations will ensure that the plan we’ve set up for you is still adequate and will work when you need it to.

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Threat Recovery

Should your systems be compromised, our approach verifies your data is retrievable, will protect from future threats, and reverse the damage where possible.

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Reduced Downtime

Our recovery initiatives are quick, our support team is available ASAP. Having a proper strategy means knowing exactly when your systems and data will be back online. 

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Staff Security Training

Part of a proper cybersecurity approach is ensuring that employees trained to use best practices and are educated on their role in keeping the network safe.

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Governance and Compliance

In many cases, you must adhere to HIPAA, SOC, or other regulations. Our team understands these requirements and can make sure you remain compliant.