Email Marketing

Convert potential into a devoted audience.

Establishing a routine email marketing campaign is a reliable way to drive more traffic, increase business awareness, and add more dollars to your bottom line. If you don’t currently have an email subscription service, you’re missing out!

We help you connect with your customers better by developing compelling and engaging emails that ensure you are marketing to the right customers in the ways they want you to.

If you’re like most people, you open your email between 6 to 20 times a work day. It’s not surprising that so many companies are investing in email marketing. Many individuals have first hand experience on how effective emails are in bringing in sales.

It’s a great way to make your customers aware of special deals and promotions. And it’s completely trackable. We can show you how many people interact with your email, click on links, unsubscribe, how long they look at the email, and more. This allows us to tailor and continuously improve your email strategy for your audience.

What we provide

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Custom Templates

We’ll provide you with a selection of tailor made email templates that are specifically designed to drive engagement and conversions.

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Growth Strategies

We’ll initiate database growth through tailored content while reducing unsubscribers. We even use PPC advertisement to boost subscriptions!
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Email Creation

We’ll write and build your promotional emails. Our goal is to create irresistible content for your demographic that’s timed perfectly and looks fantastic.

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List Segmentation

We’ll segment your list based on the engagement and purchasing habits of your subscribers. Then develop a strategy that personalizes emails based on this data.

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Scheduled Sending

Never miss the perfect opportunity with automated email scheduling. We send out emails based on the reasearched and tested peak traffic times.

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Address Collection

We implement on-site email marketing tactics such as pop up call to actions and contact forms to gather email addresses from potential customers that visit your site.