Employee Highlight: Justine Dancel

by | Jun 20, 2024

Join us for this months employee highlight as we take a closer look at our team at Nutech and the pivotal roles they play. We’re here to appreciate and uplift each individual’s unique value, and their contributions to Nutech. Our goal is to introduce our clients and supporters to the faces and personalities that make our organization.

We are excited to introduce you to Justine Dancel, one of the incredibly talented mobile software developers on our team. With an interest in crafting seamless and intuitive mobile experiences, Justine brings his knowledge and enthusiasm to our projects. His dedication to continuous learning and innovative problem-solving makes him an invaluable asset to our development team.

Over the years, Justine has honed his skills in various programming languages and mobile platforms, striving to deliver applications that meet users’ needs. In this interview, we explore Justine’s professional background, what he loves most about being a mobile software developer, and his life outside of the office.

I enjoy the collaborative environment and the innovative projects we work on together at Nutech.

How long have you been working at Nutech Digital?

Since July 2023, I’ve been employed at Nutech Digital, having joined the company through a referral. I spent a couple years in the software development industry after graduating from the Red River College Information Technology program in 2019. Since starting at Nutech, I have been working full-time at their Winnipeg office.

What do you do at Nutech?

I primarily work as a Mobile Software Developer at Nutech. My role involves designing, coding, and testing mobile applications to ensure they meet our standards of functionality and user experience. I am part of the development team that has been working on Nutech’s latest launch: Nutech TDG. Nutech TDG is a mobile app designed for truck drivers, with a focus on compliance and safety. It guides drivers and safety managers in ensuring adherence to regulations when transporting dangerous goods across Canada.

Apart from being a member of the development team for our products, I also service the IT team with tasks like help desk and other client facing interactions.

What do you like about your job/working at Nutech?

I have loads of fun working with my team. All the other highlights have emphasized how much we enjoy working together. It’s true—we’ve cultivated a positive and fun working culture.

Mobile app development comes with its unique challenges, but compared to web development, it feels more rewarding to me. It’s kind of like walking off the beaten path, where each step brings the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles. Especially with my coworkers, I enjoy the collaborative environment and the innovative projects we work on together at Nutech.

When you’re not at work, where can you be found?

When I am not at the office, I relax by going on drives, listening to music, and enjoying the scenery. I read books often and like a wide range of fiction genres. Staying active is important to me, so I enjoy a good, challenging workout, primarily road cycling since spring begun. Recently, I picked up playing the guitar in March, and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s loads of fun, and nothing matches the satisfaction I get when I finally nail a guitar solo after hundreds of tries. Learning to play the guitar has definitely deepened my appreciation for music.

Give us a fun fact about yourself

A fun fact about me is that my favourite band is Arctic Monkeys. My favourite song of theirs at the moment is “Knee Socks”.

Justine’s experiences at Nutech Digital highlight the dedication, diversity, and enthusiasm for personal and professional growth that we value in our team members. His ability for collaboration make him a key player in our development team. The innovative apps he contributes to not only enhance experiences but also reinforce Nutech’s mission of delivering exceptional digital products.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Justine Dancel and gaining insight into his role and life outside of work. Stay tuned for our next employee highlight, where we’ll continue to showcase the incredible talent that drives our company forward.