Employee Spotlight: Eula Odulio

by | Mar 21, 2024

Explore our team’s early days at the company to the pivotal role they play today through our monthly series. We aim to celebrate each member of our team, the value they bring to Nutech, and the insights they have to share.

At Nutech Digital, partnership and innovation are at the heart of everything we do, but it’s our people who truly make the difference. Every individual in our diverse team brings something unique to the table, contributing to what defines our company culture. This month, we turn the spotlight onto one of our team members in our ongoing Employee Spotlight series.

Meet Eula, a key member of our design and marketing team. Eula comes from a graphic design background. She began working with clients 7 years ago and was part of the graduating class of 2019 from Red River College, where she completed her studies in Graphic Design.

As we have a hybrid workplace, (…) I’m really grateful for Nutech and our management for being adaptable. It makes me feel like a truly valued member of the company.

How long have you been working at Nutech Digital?

I joined Nutech Digital in February 2021. Throughout this period, I’ve dedicated two years to full time active work at the company. My journey at Nutech has seen me working in person at our Winnipeg HQ—through three office changes. Currently, I’m based in Vancouver, working from home after spending 3 months at our new Winnipeg office. This transition to remote work has been seamless, providing me with flexibility and showcasing the adaptability of my workplace environment.

What do you do at Nutech?

I’m a designer at Nutech. When I was first hired, my responsibilities encompassed a variety of creative projects, including designing and developing websites for our clients. With a smaller team at the start of 2021, this period was crucial for personal development. Learning as much as I can with the resources we had. Most notably, I became proficient in WordPress and Divi, tools I now frequently use.

For the majority of my time at Nutech, my focus has predominantly been on web design for our internal websites and our clients. Covering all stages from inception to completion: research, ideation, wireframing, mockups, designing, revising, building, finalizing, and maintaining. Later, I started to take on more graphic design tasks: designing logos, advertisement, print materials, and more. Now, my position has shifted and evolved to encompass marketing and social media, involving content creation for various platforms. I research, plan, and execute our internal marketing efforts. I also take care of the copywriting and editing for mediums such as blogs and emails.

What do you like about working at Nutech?

What I cherish most about my job is the flexibility it offers, as I mentioned earlier, especially with our hybrid work model. The transition from working in office to at home has been supported by the whole team, and I’m really grateful for Nutech and our management for their adaptability around my personal needs as I move around provinces. It makes me feel like a truly valued member of the company. While remote work has limited the usual day-to-day interactions I would have in the office, I really enjoyed working alongside my coworkers during my time in Winnipeg. They’re supportive, helpful, and always easy to get along with. More recently, I’ve found the shift in my role towards communications and marketing really enjoyable. This area of work has always aligned with my interests and skills, making my work both rewarding and tons of fun.

When you’re not at work, what could you be found doing?

I’m a person of many hobbies. When I’m not at work you can often find me enjoying nature, going to the gym, reading a good fiction novel, going out with friends, catching up with my sisters back home, cooking new meals, watching basketball, or doing anything creative— from drawing to sewing, I like keeping my hands busy. I’ve also recently picked up rollerskating, and I’m really excited to get better at pretty much everything other than going in a straight line. This summer, I look forward to skating along the seawall, exploring more hikes, and baking under the sun at the beach.

Give us a fun fact about yourself!

I’m a huge foodie with a major sweet tooth. I am of the firm belief that there’s always room for dessert. And honestly, I could eat a whole 6-inch cake by myself given it was tiramisu, tuxedo cake, or a pavlova.


We’d like to express our gratitude to Eula for taking the time to participate in our March Employee Spotlight. We’re proud to have Eula as part of our team, with an eye for detail that shines through in her work, our organization benefits from her unique contributions. Our team’s achievements show the great things we can do when we work together and help each other.

We encourage our readers to connect with Eula on LinkedIn or Instagram to extend a warm hello, and to stay updated with her work. Cheers to fostering a work community that elevates and supports one another!