Are you looking for a comprehensive solution that can help you manage your business more effectively? Microsoft 365 Business Premium may be just what you need! This software suite provides a wide range of features to help you improve productivity, communication, and security. In this article, we will discuss the different features offered by Microsoft 365 Business Premium and how they can benefit your business. But first, let’s talk about Microsoft 365 benefits for your business

    • When it comes to productivity, businesses need basic Office 365 software like word, excel, PowerPoint, and outlook. Use this traditional Office software on your workstation by installing the applications available in Office 365.
    • Users can take their applications with them wherever they go. This is possible due to the mobile-supported Office 365 applications that are available within the service. These applications allow users to access their files and documents on the go.
    • Microsoft 365 provides a convenient solution for businesses that are not able to run Office 365 locally, as it offers its suite of applications in web-based versions. These online versions are the same as their desktop counterparts, but they don’t require users to install any software or hardware. They can also be used on any device with the internet. These are browser-based Office 365 applications that save your files in the cloud or locally on your PC.
    • Team collaboration is the key to saving time and increasing work efficiency. Microsoft 365 apps are built to maintain one version of collaborative documents. Easily authorized users to create, edit, delete and save in real-time gives more control to users and eliminates the problem to merge the different file versions.
    • For non-Office users, Microsoft 365 provides a web-based application that makes collaboration simple and easy. This application is accessible from any computer or device with an internet connection and has a user-friendly interface that allows users to quickly and easily create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.
    • Centralized communication is also important for team collaboration. Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one collaboration and communication platform. It is a tool that pulls everything together from file sharing to voice, video, chat, and calendar services.
    • Outlook desktop app and browser-based app make the business emailing system more efficient inside and outside your organization.
    • Microsoft 365 helps businesses control their data by providing secure access to cloud-based services, allowing them to sync files across multiple devices. This includes phones, tablets, and desktop computers that have been authorized for access. Data stored in the cloud is encrypted and secured against unauthorized access, through stringent authentication and authorization protocols.
    • Microsoft 365 provides the ability to remotely wipe data if necessary. This feature ensures that sensitive business data remains secure, even if a device is lost or stolen. With Microsoft 365’s remote data-wiping application, businesses can quickly and securely erase all private information stored on devices, even when not in the office.
    • Microsoft 365 Business Premium provides a secure way to store and access data, helping businesses protect their information from unauthorized access. All data stored in the cloud is encrypted with advanced security protocols which ensure it cannot be read by anyone without the appropriate authorization.

Businesses or Enterprises are always looking for technologies that can improve workplace efficiency, productivity, and connectivity with important cybersecurity steps to create a safe working network for employees. Let’s discuss more how Microsoft 365 Business Premium is the perfect package for your business needs.

What is Microsoft 365 Business Premium?

Microsoft 365 Business Premium is a cloud-based solution that can help your customers purchase the service level that best meets their needs. It includes a comprehensive suite of features which helps businesses to improve their productivity, communication, and security. It is cloud-based and allows businesses to scale up or down their service levels as needed.

What do you get in Microsoft 365 Business Premium?

1. Office 365 Apps

Microsoft 365 Business Premium enables businesses to stay current with the latest features and capabilities. With the fully installed and always up-to-date versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Windows or Mac, businesses can keep their teams connected and productive. Microsoft 365 Business Premium is designed to make it easier for users to collaborate.

2. 1 TB Cloud Storage

Microsoft 365 Business Premium provides 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage, allowing users to store, edit and share documents, photos, and other files from anywhere on all their devices. With this cloud storage feature, businesses can access their data anytime and anywhere without having to worry about backups.

3. Email and Calendar

Microsoft 365 Business Premium includes enterprise-grade email solutions through Outlook, with a host of features to help boost productivity and collaboration. Outlook includes an in-built calendar with features to schedule upcoming tasks, meetings, and appointments.

4. Collaboration with your team

Microsoft Teams is an incredibly powerful collaboration and communication tool for businesses. It pulls together voice, video, chat, calendaring, and file sharing into a single app – essentially creating a virtual office that allows teams to collaborate more efficiently.

5. Cyberthreats Security

Protecting business-sensitive data from cyber threats is the most important thing for businesses to run smoothly. Microsoft Defender guards your computer against spam, suspicious links, viruses, and phishing attacks.

6. Access Files anywhere from any device

Microsoft 365 Business Premium includes SharePoint, the most powerful, dynamic, and secure suite for businesses to share files, data, and resources. In addition, users can collaborate with other team members inside and outside the organization securely from any device with a network connection.

7. Security for cloud storage

OneDrive and SharePoint are protected with Business Premium Plan. With multifactor authentication and advanced threat detection, your business data is safe in the cloud storage.

8. Risk Management

Business Premium has Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies for your storage, Exchange, and data recovery tools which reduce the risk of data loss.

9. PC and mobile device management 

Configure and monitor security on mobile devices including features and settings.  Deploy, control and manage policies for PCs and automatically install Office and Windows updates.  Protect data for your businesses devices with security policies for PC and mobile including wiping company data using Intune. 

Microsoft 365 Business Premium combines the best of Microsoft’s cloud, productivity, and security solutions into a single package. It is the perfect choice for small and medium-sized businesses with up to 300 users. With a variety of powerful features, advanced built-in security and data loss prevention policies increase your business productivity.