How Urban Garage transformed their automotive business with Nutech Digital

by | Apr 25, 2024

Nutech Digital’s services has allowed us to focus on what we’re best at: running our business.


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In an era where digital transformation holds the key to business success and customer satisfaction, Urban Garage, a beloved automotive repair business nestled in the heart of St. Vital, Winnipeg, MB, partnered with Nutech Digital, a leading IT and digital marketing firm. Urban Garage, celebrated locally for its unparalleled service, sought to change their business operations, replacing traditional dealership experiences with a more customer-centric, digitally enhanced approach. At the core of this collaboration was a shared vision to not only elevate Urban Garage’s digital footprint but also to ensure that their technological infrastructure could seamlessly support their expanding business needs and enhance customer interactions.

Client Overview: Urban Garage

Urban Garage has established itself as a trustworthy and reliable service provider throughout Winnipeg. Known for their deep specialization in Honda and Acura vehicles, they’ve garnered a loyal customer base, thanks to their commitment to quality and honesty. They aim to influence the way car owners experience service by providing a viable, superior alternative to traditional dealerships. Urban Garage’s primary goal is to leverage technology to offer elevated customer support and ensure that their infrastructure not only meets but exceeds the evolving demands of their business and clientele.

The Partnership with Nutech Digital

In pursuit of their transformative goals, Urban Garage partnered with Nutech Digital, an IT and digital marketing firm renowned for driving digital innovation and growth for businesses across many industries. Nutech Digital’s comprehensive suite of services, encompassing IT services, hardware support, phone business systems, website development, SEO, listings, and reputation management, provided the ideal foundation for Urban Garage’s operations. This collaboration aimed to refine every digital touchpoint of Urban Garage’s service offering, from enhancing online customer engagement and accessibility to strengthening their IT infrastructure. Through strategic planning and execution, Nutech Digital has been instrumental in redefining Urban Garage’s digital strategy to align with their expansive vision of providing exceptional, digitally forward services to their customers.

Last month, we had a conversation with Kyle Stewart, who has been a co-owner of Urban Garage from the start, more than eight years ago. Our discussion covered their business, the early stages of our collaboration, our joint achievements, the current state of our partnership, and future plans.

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How did you hear about our services and why were we ultimately selected?

We became aware of Nutech due to the fact that your services have been around for over two decades. We heard of them through from their previous clients. Given that word-of-mouth referrals are the most credible form of recommendation, we decided to initiate our working collaboration with Nutech because of their trusted partners.

What are the benefits of your partnership so far?

We appreciate the variety of solutions provided to us, each complete with many options. This provides us the flexibility our business requires as our needs shift depending on various factors. The services are far from cookie cutter, they are personalized and tailored for us to make sure we’re on the most efficient route, and making the most of their solutions.

What are your ongoing goals with Nutech Digital?

Our partnership with Nutech remains ongoing as we aim to guarantee that our business infrastructure is keeping pace with our growth and re-equipments.


What challenges were you experiencing before working with Nutech Digital?

Before our partnership with Nutech, we had hired an IT provider who, over time, we came to realize wasn’t entirely trustworthy. Our previous provider didn’t meet our needs and we were seeking a change.

What were your goals and objectives when it came to our services? 

Our goals as a business is to provide exceptional customer service, gain loyal clientele, and maintain the high level of service that has characterized Urban Garage for the last eight years. When we found Nutech, it became clear that implementing more modern solutions was important to our business. We needed to stay ahead with the times by giving our customers more options for support and access. We also wanted to strengthen our visibility and reach a wider audience.

What services were provided?

Full service IT solutions, constant IT support, cybersecurity, hardware, software, business phone systems, Google listings, SEO, reputation and review management, & website maintenance.



How have you benefitted from our services? 

The most important benefit is that Nutech’s services has allowed us to focus on what we’re best at—working with cars, serving our customers, and running our business. We do what we need to do and Nutech helps us by taking care of certain tasks that keep our business operational; like IT support and digital marketing. And what’s nice is that everything just works, from our high tech phone system, to the rest of our hardware.

Is there a particular aspect of our service you rely on the most?

Our team and clients alike have benefitted from all of Nutech’s services but we particularly rely on their expertise in IT. They supply us with hardware and continuous support for all our technology. Nutech’s team priortizes our relationship, consistently providing prompt and helpful service.

What are your organization’s plans for the future? What’s ahead for you? 

We just want to continue to be a superior and honest alternative to dealerships to our dedicated clients. As for our digital efforts, we want to continue to find the easiest ways for your customers to connect.


Urban Garage’s partnership with Nutech Digital represents a forward-thinking collaboration that highlights the importance of digital transformation in the automotive service industry. This case study exemplifies how traditional businesses, like Urban Garage, can leverage digital technologies to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations. By focusing on their core competencies—exceptional automotive repair and customer service—Urban Garage has successfully utilized Nutech Digital’s comprehensive solutions to exceed the expectations of their operations.

The benefits of this partnership have been multifaceted, ranging from improved operational efficiency to increased digital visibility. Urban Garage has been able to maintain its commitment to quality and honesty, while also staying ahead of technological trends and offering more support options and access points for their customers. As well as the personalized approach taken by Nutech Digital in tailoring their services to fit Urban Garage’s specific needs has been instrumental.

Looking ahead, with ongoing support from Nutech Digital, Urban Garage is well-positioned to adapt to the evolving demands of the automotive service industry, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of providing superior customer experiences.

This partnership underlines a key takeaway for businesses in all sectors: embracing digital transformation and finding the right technology partners are crucial steps towards achieving long-term success and customer satisfaction in today’s digital age.

We would like to give a special thanks to Urban Garage and Kyle for chatting with us and participating in this case study. Our team at Nutech values this partnership greatly and are rooting for success both in our collaborative efforts and in Urban Garage’s growth.

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Kyle Stewart
Co-Owner and Service Manager
Urban Garage Ltd.


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The Goal

To support customers & to be a better alternative to dealerships

Services Provided

  • Managed IT solutions
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  • Cybersecurity
  • Reputation Management
  • Google Listings
  • SEO
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