The logistics behind getting deliveries out in a timely fashion can be a daunting challenge for any trucking company, not to mention keeping track of  your trucks, truckers, and all assets.  Modern GPS tracking technology, however, simplifies these crucial aspects of your business to help you give your customers the convenience they’re looking for. Here are some ways that using fleet tracking technology can benefit your business and help you get your deliveries out accurately and in a timely fashion.


Benefits of Using GPS Tracking

Without tracking technology, you’ll have to rely on old methods of keeping track of the status of your delivery. This can involve complicated dispatch systems or other antiquated technology that is a hassle to use and involves a lot more overhead than a simpler solution can provide. You also may not have access to accurate, up-to-the-minute information on the status of your trucks, frustrating you and your clients.

Improve your employees and customer experience by using accurate tracking technology instead. You’ll have the data you need to provide accurate information as to where all your assets are and where they’ll be, anytime. You’ll also cut down on potential overhead that you might otherwise incur because this technology is simple and all-in-one, cutting down on how much you spend on fleet logistics.

Features Available to You

The primary benefit of tracking technology is having a real-time picture of the whereabouts of your fleet at any given time. Redirecting orders, providing customers with estimated times of arrival, and any other logistics concerns can easily be addressed all from one place. You and your customers will never be left wondering again where a package is or when it will arrive.

In addition to that, GPS technology can also be used to monitor and improve driver behaviors. An astounding 90% of delivery accidents are a result of bad driver behaviors. By using tracking software that detects and reports these behaviors, you can instruct your drivers accordingly to achieve safer driving habits. You can also monitor driver behaviors and adjust them for better fuel consumption, saving you on energy costs for your fleet.

Streamline Your Delivery Process

A better fulfillment process will give your customers and truckers a seamless experience that will leave them with a positive impression of your company. That positivity will boost your reputation, leading to more word-of-mouth spreading about your business and the great experience that not only customers have with you, but employees too. In this way, along with solving your logistics headaches, improving your business’ delivery process will also help to grow your business, employ more truckers, and keep you moving forward.

Get the most out of your business’ fleet by using our suite of tracking software to improve your delivery process. You’ll be able to provide a seamless and satisfying experience while also encouraging safe driving habits among your workforce. Making this simple and easy improvement today will help you continue to reap the multitude of benefits tomorrow. Contact Nutech Digital today to get your business running smoothly and quicker than ever.