Employee Spotlight: Linus Silversides

by | Jan 12, 2024

Get to know our staff and company culture through our monthly Employee Spotlights. To kick off the inaugural edition, we had the pleasure of interviewing one of our technicians, Linus, who was kind enough to participate. We asked him a few questions about his background and his contributions at Nutech.

“The workplace culture is absolutely top tier and I feel like the employees here manage to be tighter knit than at any other job I’ve held before.”

Linus Silversides plays an integral role in our tech team, serving as both parts technician and developer. Linus began his Nutech journey as an intern in 2022 before transitioning into a permanent position the following year.


What do you do at Nutech?

As a developer at Nutech I work predominantly within the Microsoft Power Platform. A large chunk of my time is spent working with Microsoft Dynamics and Power Automate. As a member of the support team, I work on resolving whatever kinds of unexpected issues clients may encounter with both their hardware and software. I am especially fond of trying to fix printers when they stop working.

What do you like about your job?

My favourite thing about working at Nutech is definitely the people I’ve met. Nutech is my first job in the tech industry, and when I first got here I had a lot to learn and the team was super supportive in both making me feel welcomed and in helping me to develop my skills in IT and programming. The workplace culture is absolutely top tier and I feel like the employees here manage to be tighter knit than at any other job I’ve held before.

I also love the variety I get in my day to day work. On a typical day I’m rarely just working with one program or on one activity for the entire time. Usually my tasks will be broken up by some small and some larger support tickets, that gives me a chance to interact with a good number of different programs, websites, projects, or hardware devices. Since there is so much variety in the day, the work never becomes dull.

One kind of strange thing I’ve also enjoyed about working at Nutech, especially as the Microsoft Dynamics expert, is that I’ve unintentionally got to learn about many processes in the sales industry. Sales is not a topic I would have ever done research into on my own, but I found it really interesting. Learning about sales pipelines and processes that have to be implemented when managing CRM’s for clients.

When you’re not at work, what could you be found doing?

When I’m not at work I can usually be found playing games: both board games and video games, listening to music, I am especially fond of punk and rock music, but there are songs and artists I enjoy in every genre, going to bar trivia nights, doing karaoke, learning about history and philosophy, or writing, I’ve mostly been writing short stories recently. I also enjoy watching hockey, my favourite team is the Nashville Predators.

Lastly, give us a fun fact about yourself!

In high school, I was a provincial champion in the trivia competition, ‘Reach for the Top’. My specialty categories were math and history.


We extend a warm thanks to Linus not only for being our first spotlight, but for being a key part of our multi-disciplinary team. We appreciate you!

Feel free to send greetings to Linus through LinkedIn.